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Vanishing Bird Cage

Vanishing Bird Cage


Both Harry Blackstone and Blackstone Jr. have performed this fantastic illusion all over the world. Now it’s your turn to vanish the silver cage between your hands in a flash!

Blackstone Magician Bird cage

The Vanishing Bird Cage is a classic magic trick that creates the illusion of making a bird cage disappear. It is a visually stunning and deceptive effect that has been performed by many magicians over the years. Here’s a general explanation of how the trick is typically performed:

  1. Setup: The magician begins by introducing a small bird cage to the audience. The cage usually contains a live bird or a mechanical bird replica.
  2. Presentation: The magician showcases the bird cage to the audience, allowing them to see the cage and the bird inside. They may even perform some small routines or interactions with the bird to engage the audience and establish the presence of the cage.
  3. Covering the Cage: The magician then covers the bird cage with a cloth, a handkerchief, or another cover. This cover is used to conceal the cage from view temporarily.
  4. Magical Gesture: While the cage is covered, the magician performs a magical gesture, such as a wave of their hand or a flourish, to imply that something magical is happening.
  5. Reveal: When the cover is removed, the bird cage appears to have vanished completely. It is no longer visible, leaving the audience surprised and amazed.
  6. Reproduction: In some variations of the trick, the magician can also make the bird cage reappear later in the routine. They may produce it from a different location or from within another object, further adding to the mystery and astonishment.

The Vanishing Bird Cage relies on various techniques, including misdirection, sleight of hand, and the use of specially designed apparatus or gimmicks. The magician’s skill lies in their ability to create the illusion of the cage disappearing, while maintaining smooth and convincing movements throughout the routine.

It’s worth noting that the specific methods and variations of the Vanishing Bird Cage trick may differ based on the performer and the props they use. Different magicians may have their own unique presentations, handling, or additional subtleties to enhance the effect.

Performing the Vanishing Bird Cage trick typically requires practice, dexterity, and proper knowledge of the necessary gimmicks or apparatus.

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