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Ultimate Ambition Improved (Red Deck) by Daryl

Ultimate Ambition Improved (Red Deck) by Daryl


Daryl used this amazing effect to win the Gold Medal for Card Magic at the World Congress of Magic (F.I.S.M.). And now… it?s been improved!


“Ultimate Ambition Improved” is a popular magic trick created by renowned magician Daryl (Daryl Easton). It is a variation and improvement on the classic Ambitious Card routine, which is a staple in card magic.

In the “Ultimate Ambition Improved” routine, the magician takes a selected card and repeatedly places it into the middle of the deck, only to have it magically rise to the top. This process is often repeated multiple times, seemingly defying the laws of physics.

Here’s a general outline of how the trick is typically performed:

  1. Selection: A card is chosen by a spectator from a red deck of cards. The selection is usually signed or marked in some way to make it unique and easily identifiable.
  2. Control: The magician skillfully controls the chosen card to the top of the deck using various techniques, such as false shuffles or cuts, while maintaining a casual and natural demeanor.
  3. Ambitious Phase: The magician places the selected card into the middle of the deck, and with a magical gesture or a tap, the card visually rises to the top of the deck. This unexpected revelation often elicits surprise and amazement from the audience.
  4. Repetition: The magician repeats the process of placing the selected card into the middle of the deck, only to have it rise to the top each time. This repetition builds anticipation and intensifies the impact of the effect.
  5. Climax: After several repetitions, the magician performs a final phase where the selected card, despite being inserted into a shuffled deck, rises to the top in a visually striking and unexpected manner. This climax often leaves the audience in awe.

Daryl’s “Ultimate Ambition Improved” routine is highly regarded for its smooth and deceptive handling, as well as its ability to create a sense of impossibility with a selected card repeatedly rising to the top of the deck. The routine may incorporate additional subtleties, misdirection, or variations to suit the performer’s style.

It’s worth noting that specific handling and presentation details of the routine may be best learned from instructional materials provided by Daryl, such as books, DVDs, or online tutorials.








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