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Two Headed Nickel

Two Headed Nickel


Heads I win, tails you lose!

A Two Headed Nickel is a novelty coin that has heads (obverse) on both sides, instead of having a heads and tails (reverse) side like a regular coin. It is typically used as a conversation piece, a collector’s item, or as a prop in magic tricks or illusions.

Here are some common uses for a Two Headed Nickel:

  1. Novelty or Curiosity: Two Headed Nickels are often collected and displayed by numismatists or coin enthusiasts due to their uniqueness. They can be a conversation starter or a unique addition to a coin collection.
  2. Magic Tricks or Illusions: Magicians or performers may utilize a Two Headed Nickel as part of a magic routine or illusion. The coin’s unusual design can be used to create visual surprises or to generate wonder and intrigue among the audience.
  3. Pranks or Jokes: The Two Headed Nickel can be used in playful pranks or jokes. For example, someone may pretend to flip the coin and always land on heads, confusing or amusing those who are unaware of its double-sided nature.
  4. Souvenir or Keepsake: Some people may acquire a Two Headed Nickel as a souvenir or keepsake from a particular event or occasion. It can serve as a unique memento to commemorate a special moment or experience.

It’s important to note that a Two Headed Nickel is not a genuine currency coin and cannot be used in regular financial transactions. Its value lies primarily in its novelty or collectible appeal rather than its monetary worth.

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