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Tree Card Monte

Tree Card Monte


Three cards are fanned and shown face up – two black tens and a three of diamonds in the middle…

The Tree Card Monte is a magic trick that is based on the concept of the classic Three Card Monte game, but with a twist involving the appearance of a tree. Here’s a general explanation of how the trick is typically performed:

  1. Props: The magician uses three playing cards and a small, folding stand or apparatus that resembles a tree. The cards are typically a joker or a distinct design to differentiate them from regular playing cards.
  2. Setup: The magician displays the three cards to the audience, placing them face down on the table or the tree stand. One of the cards represents the “tree” while the other two cards represent different objects or characters.
  3. Introduction: The magician introduces the concept of the Three Card Monte game, explaining that one of the cards represents the tree while the others represent different items or characters. They may demonstrate the movement of the cards, shuffling or switching their positions to create a sense of challenge.
  4. Misdirection: The magician performs various sleight of hand techniques, such as false shuffling or quick movements, to confuse the audience about the location of the tree card. The goal is to make it challenging for the spectators to keep track of the tree card’s position.
  5. Guessing: The magician invites the audience to guess the location of the tree card. The cards are typically moved around, flipped over, or rearranged, giving the illusion of the tree card constantly changing position.
  6. Reveal: After the audience has made their guesses, the magician reveals the final location of the tree card. This can be done by turning over the cards or opening the tree stand to showcase the tree card hidden inside.

The Tree Card Monte trick combines elements of misdirection, sleight of hand, and audience participation to create an entertaining and interactive magic routine. The magician’s skill lies in their ability to manipulate the cards and guide the audience’s attention to create the illusion of the tree card constantly moving or changing position.

It’s important to note that specific handling and variations of the Tree Card Monte trick may exist, as different magicians may have their own unique presentation styles or twists to the routine.

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