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Mental Epic Board

Mental Epic Board


The magician introduces a board sectioned off into six spaces for writing on it…

He writes down three predictions on the top row and covers them before spectators write down their thoughts on the bottom row. Slowly, the magician uncovers each prediction which matches that the spectator’s wrote exactly. A classic effect and one of the strongest mentalist tools. With no tricky sleights or memory work, we recommend this effect to beginner mentalists. The effect is so strong and simple it makes for excellent mentalism routines.

Mental Epic Boardv for Sale

A Magician’s Mental Epic Board is a prop used in mentalism performances. Mentalism is a branch of magic that focuses on mind-reading, predictions, and psychic demonstrations. The Mental Epic Board is a specialized tool that assists the magician in performing a specific mentalism routine called “The Mental Epic.”

The Mental Epic routine typically involves the magician making accurate predictions of various elements chosen by the audience. These elements can include words, numbers, or even personal information. The routine builds suspense and amazement as the magician reveals their predictions, which have been written or placed on the Mental Epic Board before the performance.

The board itself is usually a large, portable slate or whiteboard divided into sections or panels. Each panel can be covered or revealed separately to display the predictions. The magician writes their predictions on the board in advance, or they can use other methods to secretly place the predictions on the board during the performance.

During the routine, the audience participates by making choices or providing information that the magician incorporates into their predictions. As the routine progresses, the magician dramatically reveals the accurate predictions, often with surprising twists or revelations that leave the audience astounded.

The Mental Epic Board adds a visual and interactive element to the mentalism routine, making it an effective and captivating tool for the magician to showcase their mind-reading abilities and create a memorable experience for the audience.

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