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Match Pulls (4 Each)

Match Pulls (4 Each)


This is one of the most reliable gimmicks for producing a lit match that you will ever use.

Magicians Match Pulls, also known as match gimmicks or match producers, are small devices used by magicians to produce or vanish matches during a magic performance. They are typically hidden within the magician’s hand or clothing and allow for the secret manipulation of matches. Here’s how they typically work:

  1. Construction: Match Pulls are usually made of metal or plastic and are designed to be small and discreet. They consist of a mechanism that holds a match securely and allows for controlled movement.
  2. Loading: The magician prepares the Match Pull by inserting a match into the device. The match is positioned in a way that it can be easily grasped and pulled out when needed.
  3. Performance: During the performance, the magician conceals the Match Pull in their hand or places it in a strategic location, such as a pocket or sleeve. When the magician wants to produce or vanish a match, they use their fingers to activate the mechanism and retrieve or release the match.
  4. Match Production: To produce a match, the magician makes a deliberate motion or gesture, such as pulling their hand away from an empty fist or tapping a closed hand. With a quick and subtle movement, they use the Match Pull to produce a match from seemingly thin air.
  5. Match Vanishing: Similarly, the Match Pull can be used to make a match vanish. The magician may hold a match visibly in their hand and then, with a slight movement or misdirection, activate the Match Pull to retract the match into the device, giving the illusion of it disappearing.

Match Pulls provide magicians with a convenient and deceptive tool for creating magical effects involving matches. They offer the ability to produce or vanish matches at will, adding an element of surprise and mystery to a routine. Match Pulls are often used in conjunction with other magic effects, such as card tricks or mentalism routines, to enhance the overall performance.

If you’re interested in using Match Pulls in your magic performances, I recommend studying instructional resources, seeking guidance from experienced magicians, or attending magic workshops where you can learn proper handling and techniques. It’s important to practice and refine your technique to ensure smooth and seamless execution of the match production or vanishing effects.

Comes with 4 each.

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