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Magic ReLighting Candles

Magic ReLighting Candles


The fun just won’t be put out when these Relighting Candles are part of the party! Disguised as regular candles, these Relighting Candles insist on staying lit, relighting themselves each time you attempt to blow them out. Keep the fire burning and surprise your guests by mixing them in with regular candles for an extra dose of fun and laughter. 10 per package.

Magic ReLighting Candles are a type of novelty candle used in magic tricks and pranks. These candles are designed to re-light themselves after being blown out, creating a surprising and entertaining effect. Here’s how they typically work:

  1. Construction: Magic ReLighting Candles are usually made of wax and have a wick that extends throughout the length of the candle. They may appear similar to regular candles, but they contain a hidden feature that allows them to relight.
  2. Lighting: Like regular candles, Magic ReLighting Candles can be lit with a match or a lighter. Once lit, they burn like normal candles, producing a flame and melting the wax.
  3. Self-Extinguishing: When someone blows out a Magic ReLighting Candle, the flame may appear to be extinguished, but the hidden wick inside the candle remains hot and continues to smolder.
  4. Self-Relighting: After a brief period, typically a few seconds, the smoldering wick inside the Magic ReLighting Candle reignites itself, causing the candle to relight. This surprise relighting effect can catch people off guard and create a sense of wonder or amusement.

Magic ReLighting Candles are often used as a playful prank or as a comedic element in magic performances. They can be used to create the illusion of an “unblowable” candle or as a surprise ending to a routine involving candles. The relighting effect can be repeated multiple times, adding to the entertainment value.

It’s important to note that Magic ReLighting Candles should be used responsibly and with caution. Ensure that they are used in a safe environment, away from flammable materials, and under appropriate supervision. Also, be mindful of the individual’s preferences and any potential safety concerns before performing the trick on someone.

If you’re interested in incorporating Magic ReLighting Candles into your magic performances or pranks, you can find them at magic shops or online stores that specialize in novelty items or magic supplies. They are a popular and widely available novelty item that can add a fun and surprising element to your magic tricks or practical jokes.

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