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Magic Coloring Book

Magic Coloring Book


One of the finest tricks in magic.

A magician’s coloring book is a prop commonly used in magic performances, particularly for children’s magic shows. It is a specially designed book that appears to be filled with black-and-white line drawings that can be colored in by children.

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The magician starts by showing the audience the coloring book, flipping through the pages to display the black-and-white images. Then, with a magical gesture or a few magic words, the magician opens the book again, and all the previously blank pictures are now fully colored. This transformation appears to happen instantly and without any visible action on the part of the magician.

The secret behind the magician’s coloring book lies in its clever construction. The pages of the book are specially printed with a series of repeating images. The first set of pages displays the black-and-white line drawings, while the subsequent set features the same images but already colored. These two sets of pages alternate throughout the book, creating the illusion of instant coloring when the pages are turned.

To perform the trick, the magician simply flips the book in a particular way to show the black-and-white pages to the audience, and then reverses the flipping motion to reveal the colored pages. The quick movement conceals the existence of the colored pages and makes it seem as though the pictures have magically transformed.

The magician’s coloring book is popular among magicians due to its simplicity and the visual impact it creates. It’s an effective and entertaining trick, especially for younger audiences, as they are delighted by the seemingly magical change in the coloring book’s pictures.

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