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Magic Birdcage – Joe Porper – USED

Magic Birdcage – Joe Porper – USED


Here’s another new and original paddle effect for you from the creative mind of Joe Porper.




The Magic Birdcage by Joe Porper is a highly regarded and visually stunning magical prop created by Joe Porper, a renowned magician and inventor of magic apparatus. The Magic Birdcage is a mechanical device that creates the illusion of a bird magically appearing and disappearing within a decorative birdcage.

Here’s an overview of the Magic Birdcage and how it typically works:

  1. Construction: The Magic Birdcage is constructed using high-quality materials and intricate craftsmanship. The birdcage itself is usually made of metal or wood, designed to resemble an ornate and decorative birdcage.
  2. Mechanism: The Magic Birdcage features a clever mechanical mechanism that allows the magician to produce or vanish a small bird within the cage. The mechanism is usually concealed within the base or body of the birdcage.
  3. Performance: During a performance, the magician presents the empty birdcage to the audience, demonstrating its openness and transparency. With a magical gesture or command, the magician activates the mechanism, causing a small bird (usually a lightweight feathered prop) to appear inside the cage.
  4. Vanishing Effect: Similarly, the magician can reverse the effect by making the bird visibly vanish from the cage. With another magical gesture or command, the bird disappears from the cage, leaving it empty once again.

The Magic Birdcage is admired for its craftsmanship, visual appeal, and the seemingly impossible illusion it creates. It can be used as a standalone effect or incorporated into larger magical routines or performances. The precise workings and design of the Magic Birdcage may vary depending on the specific model or version created by Joe Porper.

If you are interested in incorporating the Magic Birdcage into your own magic performances, I recommend acquiring the prop from a reputable magic retailer and studying the accompanying instructions or routine provided. This will allow you to master the handling and presentation of the effect, ensuring a seamless and captivating performance.

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