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Complete Card Magic – 7 Volume Set – The Most Complete Card Magic DVD Course on the Market!

Complete Card Magic – 7 Volume Set – The Most Complete Card Magic DVD Course on the Market!


Learn over 120 effects on this 7 DVD set! Jump-start your magical journey into the world of card magic.

“Complete Card Magic – 7 Volume Set” is a comprehensive collection of instructional materials that cover various aspects of card magic. It is a set of instructional DVDs or books created to teach and guide magicians through a wide range of card tricks, techniques, and routines.

Each volume within the “Complete Card Magic” set focuses on different aspects of card magic, including beginner-level tricks, intermediate sleight of hand techniques, advanced card manipulation, and professional-level routines. The set is designed to provide a progressive learning experience, starting from the basics and gradually building up to more advanced concepts.

The content of the “Complete Card Magic” set typically includes:

  1. Fundamentals of Card Magic: This volume covers the basic principles, handling techniques, and foundational tricks of card magic. It introduces essential sleights, such as shuffling, cutting, forcing, and controlling cards.
  2. Card Tricks: This volume delves into a variety of card tricks, ranging from self-working tricks that require little to no sleight of hand, to more advanced tricks that involve sophisticated techniques and presentations.
  3. Advanced Card Techniques: This volume focuses on more advanced sleight of hand techniques, such as palming, false shuffling, false cuts, flourishes, and advanced card controls. It explores methods for achieving deceptive and visually stunning effects.
  4. Card Manipulation: This volume covers the art of card manipulation, where magicians learn to perform visually captivating displays of card flourishes, fans, productions, and vanishes.
  5. Card Forces and Controls: This volume dives deeper into card forces, controls, and techniques for manipulating selected cards in a controlled manner. It explores various forces and methods for controlling and revealing chosen cards.
  6. Card Routines: This volume focuses on constructing complete card routines that combine multiple tricks and techniques into a cohesive and entertaining performance. It covers the sequencing, scripting, and choreography of card magic routines.
  7. Advanced Card Magic: This volume provides in-depth instruction on advanced card tricks, techniques, and routines that require expert-level skills and knowledge. It explores advanced sleights, gambling-themed effects, and card magic for more experienced performers.

The “Complete Card Magic – 7 Volume Set” is a comprehensive resource for card magic enthusiasts and aspiring magicians looking to expand their repertoire, improve their technical skills, and learn the nuances of effective card magic performance. It provides a structured learning path and a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for magicians at various skill levels.

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