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Bee Diamond Back Playing Cards (Red)

Bee Diamond Back Playing Cards (Red)


Original Diamond back bee playing cards, New.

An original set of Bee Diamond Back playing cards. This deck is gorgeous for display or consistent use.


Bee Diamond Back playing cards are a popular brand and design of playing cards that are produced by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC). The Bee brand has been in existence for over a century and is well-known for its quality and durability.

Bee Diamond Back Playing Cards for Sale

Here are some key features of Bee Diamond Back playing cards:

1. Design: The Diamond Back design is one of the most recognizable and iconic designs from the Bee brand. It features a diamond pattern on the card backs, which creates a subtle yet distinctive visual effect. The design is often preferred by cardists and magicians due to its simplicity and aesthetic appeal.

2. Cardstock and Finish: Bee playing cards are known for their premium cardstock and smooth finish. They are typically printed on a high-quality, durable stock that allows for excellent handling and longevity. The finish provides a smooth glide, making them ideal for card manipulation and tricks.

3. Casino Quality: Bee playing cards are commonly used in casinos around the world due to their durability and reliability. They are designed to withstand extensive use and maintain their shape and texture even after prolonged gameplay.

4. Standard Deck Configuration: Bee Diamond Back playing cards follow the standard deck configuration of 52 cards, including two jokers. The cards are traditionally available in the Poker size, which is commonly used in most card games and magic performances.

5. Availability: Bee Diamond Back playing cards are widely available both online and in stores that sell playing cards and magic supplies. They are a popular choice among card enthusiasts, collectors, and those who appreciate the quality and handling of USPCC-produced decks.

Bee Diamond Back playing cards are favored by many card players, magicians, and collectors due to their smooth handling, durability, and classic design. Whether you’re using them for casual card games, cardistry, or magic tricks, they are a reliable and well-regarded choice in the world of playing cards.

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