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Aviator Gaff Deck (opened)

Aviator Gaff Deck (opened)


Blue FA-KO Card Tricks Box, Bridge Size? Cards are used but in ?like new? condition.

50 specially printed cards and instructions for 3 Card Monte, Sidewalk Shuffle, Princess Card trick and many others. Double blanks, double faces, red/red, blue/blue, red/blue etc.

Gaff Cards for Sale

A magician’s gaff deck is a specially prepared deck of playing cards used by magicians to perform various tricks and illusions. It contains cards that have been altered or gimmicked in some way to enable the magician to create extraordinary effects that cannot be achieved with a regular deck.

Gaff cards may have features such as double backs (a card with two backs), double faces (a card with two different face designs), misprinted cards, shortened cards, or cards with secret compartments. These modifications allow the magician to execute sleight of hand techniques more easily, perform impossible card transformations, produce surprising revelations, or create other illusions that would be impossible with a regular deck.

Gaff decks are typically used by professional magicians who have developed the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively incorporate the gaff cards into their routines. They are often used in combination with traditional sleight of hand techniques to enhance the overall impact of the magic tricks performed.


Popular street magic often includes a mix of classic and contemporary tricks that have stood the test of time in captivating audiences. Here are a few examples:

1. Card Tricks: Street magicians often showcase impressive card manipulation techniques, such as mind-reading, card switches, and impossible card revelations. These tricks usually involve audience members selecting cards and experiencing moments of astonishment as the magician seemingly reads their minds or performs astonishing feats with the deck.

2. Coin Magic: Coin tricks are another staple of street magic. Magicians make coins vanish, appear, and transform right before the spectators’ eyes. They might perform sleight of hand maneuvers like coin vanishes, coin matrix effects, or even levitations, leaving the audience in awe of their seemingly supernatural abilities.

3. Street Levitation: Levitation tricks create an incredible illusion of defying gravity. Street magicians often perform levitation acts, where they appear to float or hover above the ground. These illusions captivate audiences and leave them wondering how such a feat is possible.

4. Mind-Reading: Street magicians employ mind-reading techniques to astound their spectators. They may accurately guess chosen objects, numbers, or personal information of audience members, creating a sense of wonder and amazement.

5. Street Hypnosis: Some street magicians incorporate hypnosis into their performances, inviting willing participants from the audience to experience the power of suggestion. Through hypnotic techniques, they can make individuals believe or experience things that seem impossible, providing a fascinating and interactive experience for onlookers.

It’s important to note that street magic evolves over time as magicians develop new tricks and illusions, keeping their performances fresh and captivating for the audience.

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