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Adams Magical Block

Adams Magical Block


Who says a penny isn?t worth much these days?

With this magical box, you can transform a penny into a dime!

By covering the penny with the Magical Block, you will make it disappear and transform it into a dime.

Easy to do for all ages and skill level magicians and astonishing to all that witness this incredible trick.

When Adams came out with the Magical Block in the 1920s, it was first named ‘Penny to Dime’ and was used with a book of matches instead of the modern block we use today.


  • Turn a Penny Into a Dime With this Incredible Little Box
  • Small Size Makes It Easily Portable – Fits Right in Your Hand and Pocket
  • Incredible Close Up Magic Trick
  • Includes Step-by-Step Instructions for Fast and Fun Mastery

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