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  • Chinese Sticks (VM)
    The magician displays a pair of sticks, with a cord...
  • Dizzy Arrows
    Dizzy Arrows - confuse and confound your audience!
  • Ethereal Salt Shaker...
    The ultimate vanishing salt effect!
  • Hat Tear by...
    A volunteer is selected from the audience. ?Tissue paper is...
  • Instant Magician
    Instant Magician is a wonderful audience participation routine. Invite an...
  • Jolly Lollies –...
    Performer displays five Jumbo Cards with pictures of different flavored...
  • Jumbo 2″ Wooden...
    A large painted two-inch wooden cube threaded onto a length...
  • Jumbo Card Prediction
    A jumbo sized deck of cards is shuffled, and 5...
  • Magic Coloring Book
    One of the finest tricks in magic.
  • Magic Pom Pom...
  • Mental Epic Board
    The magician introduces a board sectioned off into six spaces...
  • Mental Epic Board...
    Straight Forward Classic Mental-ism    
  • Mesika Elastics (Yigal...
    Mesika Elastics are made with a matte finish to diminish...
  • Paper To TopHat/Rabbit
    The magician reaches into the Hat and produces a Rabbit...
  • Spiral Illusion –...
    The spiral can be carried in your pocket. It is...
  • Temple Screen
    The performer can then reach in and can magically pull...