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Beginner Tricks

Beginner Tricks

Hello, Magicians!

Good to talk to you again! The beginning of the year is always a bit crazy at the shop, and we hope your year has started off healthy and happy.

In January, people tend to pick up new hobbies and goals for their year. If you or your child is interested in starting up some magic practice, we have just the spot for you! In the children’s section of our site, we have tons of unique tricks for beginners of the trade. This area caters more towards full tricks than towards kits, but if kits are your thing, we have plenty of those, too.

You’ll find tricks that entertain all ranges of ages and audiences here. From simple gimmicks like relighting candles to instructional DVDs on creating balloon animals, there are plenty of amazing acts featured in this section of the site that will cater to any kind of calling. Whether you’re looking for something that can be used as a quick and fun party trick or you’re looking to pick up something you’ll really have to put the work into in order to master it, we’ve got you covered.

We hope we can manage to inspire new learners to pick up a hobby that can grow with them for the rest of their lives. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be the next Houdini! Magic teaches us that anything can happen.


The Magickits Team