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Hello, Magicians!

Here at, we love to focus on things that make the young at heart happy. Whether you’re ten years old or you simply have the heart of a ten year old, we’ve got the toys and treats for you! Now that the Holidays are upon us, this section of the site will have a ton of options for great gifts.

We have an area of our site specifically curated to those folks that love to be young, no matter their age. The Be10Again category of our site is stocked full of toys and practical jokes that our owners loved growing up, that their kids loved growing up, and that we know you’ll love, too.

We have classics like Pick Up Sticks, the Rubik’s Cube, Jacob’s Ladder, Silly String, Re-lighting Candles—the list goes on! These are the toys adults and kids alike will remember growing up with. These toys are easy to learn and bring a lot of joy, so they’re great to share with friends and family. We also have iconic childhood pranks like Fake Dog Poo and Whoopee cushions! We love curating a section of our site to appeal to the familiar and fun.

We want to help bridge the gap between things you grew up with and things your kids grew up with, so you can continue to create magical memories for years to come. Sharing your love of toys is a great way to bond with kids or remind your friends of the magic of their childhoods. We have experience with each of the items we offer on our site bringing joy into the lives of others, and we want to share that joy with you. Check out this section of the site and enjoy being ten again!

The Magickits Team