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The Start of

Luis Villamonte was a professional magician for a very long time, in 1995 he decided that it was time to spread his knowledge of magic to as many people as possible.

“Hello! My name is Luis Villamonte. is a family owned and operated company in Lincoln, Nebraska. Before owning a business, I and my wife, Rogene Villamonte, traveled the United States performing professionally as a magic duo. I am the magician, and Rogene is my beautiful assistant. By being an active performer, I have years of experience being a magician to back me up in the creation of our kits.”

Magic kits are the perfect way to ignite your child’s imagination and introduce them to the world of magic. We purchase large estates from magicians and find used magic from all over the world, so take your time and look through our site. Chances are, you will find a treasure that no one else has. Some of our used items do not come with directions, so make sure you have idea of how the trick works when ordering. When you order magic, part of what you’re ordering is the secret the trick contains. We do not accept returns on many of our items, so we are very clear in the descriptions about how used an item may be.

We also take an active role in our community to help others by teaching magic courses and forming the Lincoln Magic Club. In doing so I met one of my proteges, Chase Hasty, who has gone on to be an internationally recognized professional magician. I couldn’t be happier to be continuing to share the joy of magic with people around the world.

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