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Happy New Year!

Hello, Magicians!

And Happy New Year! We hope the New Years weekend treated you well and you’ve started this year off healthy and happy.

New Year, New Tricks! Every Monday we update with a plethora of new kits, downloads and cards. We update all of our product inventory as well, so you know for sure what we have and what we’re waiting to restock. Today we’ve added books on lockpicking, new stage gags, completely unique playing cards (have you ever seen pepper-themed playing cards?!), books on hypnotism, and much, much more!

We expand our inventory every week in hopes of bringing you the coolest, most up-to-date recent releases in the magic world. That way, our site can be a one-stop-shop for all your magic needs, from the classics, to the one of a kind, to the bright and brand new.

Check out what we have to offer in this New Year and have an exciting start to your 2023!


The Magickits Team